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There was an proposed amendment to the Constitution which was voted on at the October 8th, 2015, membership meeting. That amendment having passed by 2/3 majority vote of members present has raised the Membership Dues effective January 1, 2016. The changes are noted in RED below.
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OBJECT - Purpose

The object of this club is to bring about closer co-operation between farmers, sportsman, National Wildlife Services and State Conservation Divisions in an effort to increase wildlife and thereby develop better hunting and fishing and wildlife conditions.

ARTICLE 1 - Name

This organization shall be named The Beavercreek Sportsman Club, Inc. (commonly called and herein referred to as the ''Club'')

ARTICLE 2 – Status
Section 1. This Club shall be operated as a non-profit organization to the extent that it's main objective is not to amass wealth, but rather, it shall exists for the enjoyment of it's members, keeping in mind that money must be generated to support that purpose.

Section 2. This Club shall be governed by a majority vote of its members attending Regular or Special  Meetings. The Club shall have the following governing body: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasure, Five (5) Trustees and Special Committeemen whose duties shall be detailed in the By-Laws.

ARTICLE 3 – Quorum

Section 1. A quorum shall consist of seven (7) or more members, which must  include two (2) Officers, present at any regular or special meeting. A simple majority vote is necessary to pass any business for the club.

Section 2. Vote by Proxy shall be recognized for the annual meeting in February. The Proxy shall be signed and witnessed. Proxy shall be mailed or given to delegates named for the purpose.

ARTICLE 4 - By-Laws

Section 1. The By-Laws shall prescribe the time and manner of holding elections.

Section 2. The By-Laws shall detail the duties of Officers and Committeemen and any other regulations not provided for in the Constitution.

ARTICLE 5 - Membership

Section 1.

There will be a maximum of Two Hundred (200) ''Regular Members''.

,,,,,,,,,A.)''Regular Members'' shall be defined as Members required to work 20 hours per year and pay Dues.

,,,,,,,,,B.)Anyone sixty-five (65) years of age or older with fifteen (15) consecutive years of service immediately prior to their sixty-fifth (65th) birthday will be placed on the "Retired'' list. Members over the age of sixty-five (65) are still required to have fifteen (15) years of Consecutive Service to be eligible for the "Retired" list. Those members on the "Retired" list are required to pay reduced dues of Twenty ($20.00) Dollars each year and are not required to get points.  “Retirees” will still be eligible to participate in all club activities and hold office.

,,,,,,,,,C.)Members on the Disabled List shall not be required to get points, but shall pay their dues ($100.00).

,,,,,,,,,D.)Those serving in the Armed Services on Active Duty will be put on a non-active list and will not be required to pay dues or get points for up to six (6) years.

Section 2.

The annual Membership fee of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars shall be paid between January 1st and the Regular February Business Meeting. Failure to pay dues by the February Membership Meeting shall result in a Member being assessed a Late Fee of Twenty $20.00 Dollars. If said dues are not presented to the Club by the March Membership Meeting, the member shall be considered non-renewed, and should said member choose to re-join at a later date, said member would be required to pay the ''Initiation Fee'', “Land Management” and Yearly Dues''.

Any member that has a financial hardship may present their case to the Membership Committee prior to the February Membership Meeting for consideration of hardship. The Membership Committee shall have authority to grant a schedule for payment.

,,,,,,,,,A.)  The members shall be responsible for having dues paid on time and the Club shall not be required to send notification in any form.

Section 3.

New Applicants

,,,,,,,,,A.) All new applicants for membership shall be assessed an Initiation Fee of Sixty ($60.00) Dollars, a Land Management Fee of Forty Dollars ($40.00), the first years dues of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars and Four ($4.00) Dollars for their new member packet at the time of application.

,,,,,,,,,B.) All new applicants shall be submitted to the Membership Committee consisting of Two (2) Officers (President and Secretary), Two (2) Trustees, and Three (3) Members of the Club body as appointed by the President.

,,,,,,,,,C.) All applicants for membership must be sponsored by two (2) Club members, and if required, will be present together with the applicant at an interview before the Membership Committee

,,,,,,,,,D.) A probationary period of one (1) year will be in effect from the date of acceptance of a new members’ application. All 20 points must be earned – cannot be bought at the end of the year.

,,,,,,,,,E.) New Members, upon acceptance into The Beavercreek Sportsman Club Inc., shall receive a ''Membership Package'' containing the following:

1.) Membership Card

2.) Keys to the Outdoor Range and The Clubhouse South entrance door

3.) Copy of Constitution and By-Laws of The Beavercreek

Sportsmans Club, Inc.

4.) Rules for the Gun Range (indoor and outdoor)

5.) Rules and Limits for the Lake

6.) Copy of Rental Agreement for rental of hall.

7.) Website address for The Beavercreek Sportsmans Club, Inc.

8.) List of all Standing Committees and Committee heads

Section 4.

A members child, or Grandchild, upon reaching the age of Eighteen (18) may join the Club at the reduced Initiation Fee of Thirty ($30.00) Dollars and a reduced Land Management Fee of Twenty ($20.00) provided they join the club within one year of their Eighteen (18th) Birthday.

Section 5.

Members shall be subject to a Points System (20 POINTS PER YEAR) administered and reviewed by the Membership Committee. Complete rules of the Points System shall be listed in a Standing Resolution which shall become a permanent part of the Constitution and By Laws. Failure to satisfy the Points System requirements by December 31st will result in referral to the Membership Committee. In reviewing a Member, the Membership Committee shall use the following guidelines:

,,,,,,,,,A). Any Regular Member (as defined in Article 5 Section 1) failing to achieve mandatory 20 hours (points) by December 31st, shall "automatically" be assessed a fee of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per hour (point) for each hour not worked. Said fee of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per hour (point) shall be collected with the following year’s dues in January.  Failure to pay levied fee of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per hour (point) along with regular yearly dues by the March Regular Membership Meeting shall result in the member being considered

non-renewed and the member would be barred from rejoining the Club for a period of One (1) Year. The member would be required to pay the ''Initiation Fee, the Land Management Fee and the Yearly Dues'' should said member choose to re-join at a later date.

,,,,,,,,,B). It shall be the responsibility of the individual members to insure that they are credited with hours worked in a timely manner. Hours shall be posted monthly in the Club House meeting room and on the Club Website. Any shortages of hours should be brought to the attention of the event committeeman.

,,,,,,,,,C). Any member having been assessed a fee for failing to achieve mandatory 20 hours shall have the opportunity to meet with the Membership Committee to appeal said fee and to request consideration of circumstances I.E. unavailability for service, illness, or any other hardship.

,,,,,,,,,D). The membership Committee shall have wide latitude to work with members who present a legitimate hardship. A member may be placed on probation, suspension, or non-renewed for:

,,,,,,,,,1.) Unsportsman like Conduct
,,,,,,,,,2.) Any action deemed detrimental to ''The Beavercreek Sportsmans Club

Terms of suspension, probation, or non-renewal and shall be determined by the Membership Committee. A review of the Points System shall take place annually at such time as determined by the Membership Committee. Any member who has been placed on probation, suspension, or non-renewal for any reason shall have the opportunity to meet with the Membership Committee to appeal said probation, suspension, or non-renewal.

ARTICLE 6 -Finances

Section 1.

All financial transactions exceeding One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) shall require the approval of the Trustees. This Article is not amendable under Article 8.

Section 2.

Our fiscal year shall start January 1st and end on the last day of December.

Section 3.

A special assessment may be made if additional money is needed to carry out our program.

Section 4.

Any and all contracts pertaining to the Club must be read and approved first by our attorney, then by the Officers and Trustees.  Any and all contracts must be signed by AT LEAST two (2) Officers and three (3) Trustees.

ARTICLE 7 -Provision for Auxiliary

Section 1.

A Woman's Auxiliary may be formed, using the clubs facilities, but with its own elected Officers and finances. The Woman's Auxiliary may draw up its own rules and regulations provided they do not conflict with the Constitution and By-Laws of The Beavercreek Sportsmans Club, Inc.

Section 2.

A Youth Auxiliary may be formed, using the clubs facilities, but with its own elected Officers and finances. The Youth Auxiliary may draw up its own rules and regulations provided they do not conflict with the Constitution and By-Laws of The Beavercreek Sportsmans Club, Inc.
,,,,,,,,,A.) Must be between the ages of Ten (10) and Seventeen (17)
,,,,,,,,,B.) Be supervised by regular member
,,,,,,,,,C.) Be limited to Fifty (50) Youths
,,,,,,,,,D.) May join regular club at age Eighteen (18) as per Article 5, Section 6

,,,,,,,,,(club  members child having first preference)
,,,,,,,,,E.) Must be One (1) Officer and Three (3) adult Members on Committee
,,,,,,,,,F.) May not conduct unsupervised functions
,,,,,,,,,G.) Must have permission slips signed by all legal Guardians
,,,,,,,,,H.) One (1) Adult per Five (5) Youth Members
,,,,,,,,,I.) Fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00) per year

ARTICLE 8 -Amendments

Section 1.

,,,,,,,,,(a) Any proposal to amend any part of the Constitution must be presented in writing, Two (2) Copies of which are to be submitted. (One (1) Copy to the President and One (1) Copy to the Secretary). It shall be entered into the minutes and the Membership notified by mail.

,,,,,,,,,(b) Amendments to the Constitution may be made by a Majority vote of those present at a regular or special meeting, only after having been read at Two (2) previous regular meetings.

,,,                                              ,,,,,,BY-LAWS

ARTICLE 1 -Elections
Section 1.

Nominations for elections shall be received and recorded at the Regular January Meeting.
Section 2.

Further Nominations, if any, and Election of Officers shall take place at the Regular February meeting.
Section 3.

A member may not be elected to any office, unless present at the election, if he has not given written consent to serve if elected.
Section 4.

If more than one (1) member is nominated for any office, the ballot shall be secret, with Three (3) tellers appointed by the President, to count the votes.

Section 5.

Officers shall be elected to serve from the March Meeting to the following March Meeting.
Section 6.

The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasure shall be elected for one (1) terms.

Section 7.

Trustees shall be elected for a Three (3) year term on an alternating basis.

ARTICLE 2 -Duties Of Officers
Section 1.

President: The president shall conduct all meetings, appoint all committees, and work for the general welfare of the club.
Section 2.

Vice President: The Vice President shall act for the President in all matters, when required.
Section 3.

Secretary: The secretary shall maintain all records of the actions taken at all meetings, conduct all correspondence, receive and file all communications, and keep a roll of membership and addresses.

Section 4.

Treasure: The treasure shall collect all money due the club and issue receipts therefore.  The treasure shall deposit all money in the bank as designated by the trustees, in the name of the Club. The treasure shall pay all the bills, but only after they have been approved at a Regular Membership Meeting unless the money was previously appropriated for the purpose. The treasurers’ books shall be open for inspection at any time and he (or she) shall furnish a written report at a special committee, which shall be given at the March Membership Meeting.

Section 5.

Trustees: Trustees shall care for and administer all property of the Club not in the possession of the Secretary or Treasure.
Section 6.

Committeemen: All appointees shall serve for such time and perform such duties as called for at the time of appointment. Committeemen involved with activities that result in ''earned work hours/points, shall be responsible for recording those points and submitting them in a timely manner.
Section 7.

Any officer, Trustee, or Committeemen may be relieved for failure in duties, or, any other good reason by a majority vote of the members present at any Special or Regular Membership Meeting. Elected Officers will automatically be relieved for failing to attend Four (4) regular Membership Meetings in a year.
Section 8.

Any Vacancies, for any reason, shall be filled be the President at the next Regular meeting, to serve until the next Regular Election.

ARTICLE 3 -Meetings
Section 1.

Regular Meetings shall be held the second (2nd) Thursday of each month, at a time voted on by a majority vote of the members present. 
Section 2. Special Meetings may be called by the President or by the written request of Two (2) other Officers or the written request off Five (5) members directed to the President and Secretary.

ARTICLE 4 - Prohibition
Section 1.

Intoxicating Liquor is prohibited on the premises on Regular
Meeting nights or during any Club events that involve the use of Firearms, Bows, Crossbows or Weapons of any type on either the indoor or outdoor range.

ARTICLE 5 - Amendments

Section 1.

(a) Proposed Amendments to the By-Laws shall be submitted in writing at any Regular meeting, read, and entered into the minutes and laid over till the next Regular or special Meeting for action, with notice by mail to all members before a vote is taken.

(b) Amendments to the By-Laws may be made at a regular or special meeting by a Majority vote of those present at such meeting.

(c) The Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall be required to meet once yearly for review of the Constitution and By-laws, to insure that needs of the Club and Membership are well represented.

ARTICLE 6 – Agenda

Section 1.

The regular order of business at our Meeting shall be as follows:

,,,,,,,,,1.) Pledge of Allegiance             7.) Elections – Jan and Feb meetings only
,,,,,,,,,2.) Roll Call of Officers              8.) Old Business 
,,,,,,,,,3.) Reading of Minutes              9.) New Business
,,,,,,,,,4.) Treasures Report                 10.) Good of the Club
,,,,,,,,,5.) Communications                 11.) Adjournment
,,,,,,,,,6.) Committee Reports

Section 2.

The order of business may be changed to permit any special features such as a speaker or entertainment, which has been arranged.
Section 3. Every effort shall be made to have all business completed before 10:30pm.

ARTICLE 7 - Standing Resolutions

,,,,,,,,,A). By standing Resolutions the ''The Beavercreek Sportsmans Club, Inc.'' shall adopt, amend, or rescind regulations pertaining to purely local conditions, such as Club Rules and Regulations, Duties of Trustees, and Investment of Funds.

,,,,,,,,,B). Any proposed Standing Resolutions or Amendments must be presented in writing a regular Meeting having the same read and entered into the minutes. It shall be laid over until the next Regular Meeting for action, with notice by mail to all members before a vote is taken. If  a majority vote for the adoption of the Standing Resolution, it shall be declared carried. All Standing resolutions shall be listed under ''Existing Standing Resolutions'' in the Constitution and By Laws.



All Regular members shall be subject to a Point System as spelled out in ARTICLE 5~Sec. 7, A.- B.- C. -D. and shall be required to earn 20 points per year. Points shall be defined as Work Hours accumulated in the service of the club. Activities such as, but not limited to, Committee activity, Turkey Shoots, 3-D Bow Shoots, working Dinners, Club House clean up, cutting grass, Gun Range maintenance, etc., shall be considered as points.


In addition, points may be earned by selling Raffle Tickets as follows:

Ten Gun Raffle= 1 point per ticket

Spring Raffle= 1/2 point per book of Six

Winter Raffle= 1/2 point per book of Six

Points for future raffles shall be determined as they occur

In addition, 1/2 points shall be earned for attending the Regular Monthly Membership Meeting.

Supersedes all previous revisions of Constitution and By Laws of ''The Beavercreek Sportsman's Club, Inc.''


(8-14-2014 change was to remove a 2/3 vote and change to a majority vote on all things.)


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